Connecting With Other Bloggers (Advanced)

Does anyone remember the post I had about connecting with other bloggers??? Well, I noticed I had only put down a few blogs, of people who live near me!! So these blogs are all gonna be people who deserve to have their blog mentioned and seeked out by other bloggers. Here’s the scoop!

1. (Marley’s Blog from CA, ha I live 5 minutes away from her.)

2.  (Quynh-Thi’s blog, in Virginia)

3. (Kira’s blog, Virginia)

4. (Vedika’s blog, Virginia)

So there you have it bloggers, the advanced version of connecting with other bloggers. All of these blogs are well put together, the one who posts the most regularly is Marley and her blog, Quynh-Thi posts SOME times, Kira has not posted in a while, but this post is not to judge other bloggers, its to celebrate their well put together blogs, even if they have not posted in while!! Oh, and as Quynh-Thi says…

`Stay Happy :)`


One comment to Connecting With Other Bloggers (Advanced)

  1. Marley says:

    Thanks! If I have not already, your blog shall be added to my blogroll!

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