September Person Of The Month

Welcome person of the month participants!!! This person of the month is……….. Mrs.Douillard!!! Yup, none of you know who she is! Well, she’s the reason I am blogging in the first place. Mrs. Douillard was my teacher for the last three years. I was in a multi-aged-class of 44 students, and Mrs.Douillard was one of my teachers! (The other one was Miss Boyesen, but we will talk about her later). Moving on, Mrs.Douillard was very supportive of my writing career, yes I am very interested in being an author, she encouraged creative thinking and when someone said they were “done” she said you could always make things better! She taught me many different writing styles, and introduced me to blogging. Go check her blog out here:! Mrs.Douillard is also an avid blogger, and photographer, all the photos you see on her blog she took herself, MOST with her phone!!!!!! Anyhow, I have been missing Mrs.Douillard a TON and this is only the… 3rd week at a new school!!!!! So, today, when you have some extra time, think back and remember all your wonderful  teachers and appreciate what they have done to help you learn and grow as a student. And this is for all teachers, thank you for deciding that children’s education is SO important to you that that’s what you will be doing for the rest of your life!

                             (Now take a day of and relax at the beach, that’s an order!)

2 comments to September Person Of The Month

  1. kdouillard says:

    Wow, Mallory! I am honored! Thanks so much for honoring me as your September Person of the Month. I always enjoy reading your writing…and was surprised and touched to find this entry. I hope you keep writing and experimenting and exploring…and sharing your writing with me (and the world)!

    Mrs. Douillard

  2. macmalloryo says:

    Your welcome. I had a list of people that I thought to choose from, and then the idea about you being the person who helped me start blogging popped in, so then, it was obvious to me who deserved to be “Person Of The Month”, for SO many reasons.
    (Keep teaching!)


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