25 Word Story: Baseball

When we got back from spring break we started a project about 25 word stories. It sounds like it’s easy but really, 25 word stories are SUPER EXTRA HARD!!! I mean like seriously, how easy is it to write, with 25 words, a story about something SUPER EXTRA FUN that you did during spring break. Or let me say it this way, how easy is it to write a SUPER EXTRA SHORT story about how your brother got a baseball at a game. And the ball he caught was the ball that the Verlander threw. If you don’t know much about baseball, like me, the Verlander is supposed to be really good pitcher. And by the way Verlander is his last name. Well, here’s my 25 word story THAT WAS SUPER EXTRA HARD TO WRITE!!!!!

Suddenly a foul ball comes hurling our way. It bounces, jiggles, is everywhere. It happens quickly but suddenly the ball’s in my brother’s sweaty palms.

I hope you enjoyed my well thought out 25 word story!!!!
P.S. My favorite baseball player is Jed Gyrko (you pronounce it like this JED JER-KO).


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