School Assignment #1

We just got back from family week (I’ll post about that later), and we have been assigned our first school blogging assignment. We had to take an old piece of writing, revise it, and post it here. I picked the begginigng of a sci-fi novel I might continue writing if I ever get the energy to keep writing it, yes, I’m an extremely lazy author. Anyways, here it is.


The future is a lot different then what the people in the twenty-first century thought. My grandad tells me that the old scientists have got some parts of it right, but not all of it, well, let me explain. In 2065, almost 3 years after Allery May (a famous author who predicted what would happen in the year 2065) died, scientists confirmed that a planet in another galaxy could inhabit living creatures, just like May had predicted. We hadn’t evolved technology all that much although people are aging so much slower. I was born in 2213, and it’s now 2921, and I’m only 14 according to the new aging system, which by the way, is a total ripoff according to my Grandad because we don’t get birthdays every year like people used to. The best information we found out was the information about the new planet, again, like May had predicted. See, an unknown illness was infecting earth, no, I shouldn’t call it in illness. It wasn’t killing humans, it was killing the earth, ya, the earth. Scientists have classified it as a moss, a deadly moss. Its a light shade of green, and is soft at the touch, it is always moist, and can change colors to match it surroundings. We call it neonon (pronounced neo-non). It strikes the earth (and man made structures) by growing a vine like plant out of the ground and covering the structure in mounds of neonon. We think there’s some kind of acid in it, because whatever gets in it dissolves, leaving nothing there, as if they’re where nothing there ever. It destroys everything and anything, and it just about destroyed everything on earth. Accept Stargazer, the space ship that took us Tonix, the new planet, and home for survivors of the neonon attack.

So that was my first school assignment. If you enjoyed that piece of writing, please leave a comment, otherwise this will most likely be left in the dust of my busy life of acting, swim, and school.



Too much to post about…

Hey bloggers! Just be warned, this post will contain stories about several things that are happening in my life right now, and it will be a very long post. I’m not sure if I should be mad or happy that I have to much to post about, haha.

Anyways, lets start with the biggest news… I got into a musical! Its a really big deal because a lot of kids, like 200, tried out for the musical and about 50 got in! I had to audition and everything, it was really nerve-racking. It didn’t help that when I did my audition I had a really bad cold and it made my throat really scratchy and it sounded like I was dying. It was horrible but I managed to get a spot! Because this musical is on the more professional side of kids performances, I only got background parts. All the speaking parts were for teenagers. You must be wondering what musical I am in, well, you probably don’t know what it is, but it is called Guys and Dolls.  The funny thing is, its about gambling, and they’re doing it as a kids play! You can read about it here. I am in the Mission Band where we sing “Follow The Fold”, I am in angel during “Rocking The Boat”, and in the finale where we sing “The Happy Ending”. I also know all the lyrics to Fugue For Tinhorns, The Oldest Established, and A Bushel In A Peck. I have rehearsal this Sunday. We are performing in March. My favorite character in the musical is Big Julie.

Then, this week were going to Utah to go skiing! My friends, Jake, Kai, Sage, JJ (His name is Jake too but we just call him JJ), my brothers of course, and the only girl that will be skiing with me, Coral. Coral is siblings with JJ. She also has a younger sister, Sadie, but she will be in Ski school. Also, Kai and Sage are siblings, and Jake is my neighbor. Jake has two siblings, Kaia and Chloe but they aren’t coming. We are skiing at a resort called Canyons. My favorite run at Canyons is Harmony, and I also like trick parks.

And on Thursday, I went to the opera! The opera I went to is called Tosca, You can read about here. My performing arts teacher, Mrs.Bridges, took me and some other of my friends including Ruby, Kathe (Kay-Ta, not Kathy), Coral, Eva, and many others! Actually, that’s not true because she could only take twelve kids. Before going to Tosca we went to East Coast Pizza to get pizza. Then, on the drive to the Opera, we played wishbone. Wishbone is a fun poll game, kind of like would you rather. We got stuck in traffic, so when we got to the opera, we were scrambling to get to our seats. Then we found out we were on balcony Z, the highest part of the theater, and we had to sprint up six flights of stairs. Luckily, we sat down just in time and got to enjoy the opera. The only part that could have been better was that it was all Italian.

Kudos to you if you read that all. have a digital cookie! Whats been happening in your life lately? Feel free to leave a comment!

Photo Shoot

Hey bloggers! Sorry for the long absence in blogging, but this time, I’m back for sure. My class is finally starting blogging, so we will get time to do blogging in class. Anyways, back in January, I was sick, and was getting bored of watching T.V. so I decided I would take some more photos of my dog, Gretta. For those of you who don’t know, she is a goldendoodle, a mix between a poodle and golden retriever. Here are the photos!

I used some filters, but I didn’t use any filters on the one with the black background. What do you think? Any feedback? I think I did do a pretty good job on these photos though. If you have any photos of your pets, please share, I’d love to see! Keep calm and blog on, bloggers, and expect more posts from me in the near future!

Coraline Costume DIY


Sorry about being late for posting about Halloween, but here is a photo of my Coraline costume! I’m very happy with how it turned out! Did you know that in that photo, my eyes are actually closed? We painted my eyelids, so when I closed my eyes it looked like I had button’s on my eyes! I decided I would do a little tutorial for how to make a Coraline costume because I had a hard time finding one I liked. This is a very basic costume so the steps are not that detailed as this costume doesn’t involve making anything. Hope you enjoy!

1) First look at a photo to know what your going for. Anything from “Coraline” to “Coraline Costume” should bring up some good photo references. 

2) Make your shopping list & order everything! (Just kidding, I have it here for you!) You Need: A yellow raincoat, yellow rain boots, jeans, an electric blue wig, black and white makeup, black makeup pencil, white face powder, and red lipstick. ADD ON: Coraline Doll, orange striped t-shirtMost of these items you can get at Amazon, although me and my mom found the raincoat on Ebay. 

3) Try everything on. If it doesn’t fit, obviously send it back to get the correct size. To put on the wig, I recommend wearing a swim cap, then put the wig on, then brush the wig like real hair and style it to your liking.

4) The night before Halloween test your makeup. This is very important because if you don’t your makeup may looked rushed and bad. 

HOW TO DO THE MAKEUP: First, use your white face powder to make your face look pale and dead. Then, take your black make up, and have someone paint your eyelids black, and add four white button dots to them so when you close your eyes it looks like you have button eyes.  After that, put on your red lipstick, and use a black makeup pencil to draw stitches coming from your mouth. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRACTICE THIS BEFORE HALLOWEEN. You want your makeup to look good, so practice once or twice before Halloween.

And that’s pretty much it! As you can see, this is a very simple and very easy costume to do, and people won’t even recognize you, its great! I hope you had a happy Halloween, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

SBC Week 5: Food

Hello bloggers! I’ve decided that I’d like to take part in the Student Blogging Challenge! I’m joining a little late, but it sounded like lots of fun, so here we go anyways. Week, 5, food. There are so many different foods in our world.  Millions of different drinks, billions of different foods. Many foods and drinks have a special tie to a certain culture or religion. Where I live, by the beach in San Diego, California, we have so much Mexican food! El Napolito (A gas station restaurant, its so good!), El Pueblo, Robertos, and my personal favorite, Lourdes. When I’m at Lourdes, I like to get a California burrito, a burrito with carne asada (A kind of ground meat), avocado, cheese, and french fries!

cali yum


I have no Hispanic ethnicity in my blood, although ever since I was born, I have had a nanny named Lucy, who lives in Mexico. Lucy makes the best Mexican food! She makes tostadas, taquitos, but my personal favorite, is Lucy’s enchiladas! Her enchiladas are a taste of heaven. Enchiladas are basically tortillas, wrapped inside with beans, carne asade, and chicken. On top there is lots of cheese, and salsa on top, and then you put it in the oven to bake! When she makes them I usually eat four! That’s how good they are!

enchi yum

This week, take some time to think about your personal cultural, your family culture, and your community culture. What foods make up most of your culture? What are some of your favorite foods? What is something you’ve never tried, but would really like to? What is the craziest thing you’ve eaten? I encouraging you to go back to your own blog and too make a post about food and your culture.



Swim Meet


Me taking a dive for my 100  free relay!  It was packed so my mom sat kind of far away and couldn’t get the best pictures.

This Friday I went to another swim meet! Yay!  It wasn’t a normal meet though, It was just relays. When I got there, there were a lot of people, and I got really nervous, but soon enough, my friend Ruby showed up. That wasn’t a great thing either. It wasn’t my first meet, but it was Ruby’s first meet, and she got really nervous.  My nerves went away and I was just really excited.  First we got in for a warm up. It was really easy, we did a 400 free, a 100 streamline flutter kick on your back, and then a 100 backstroke. I got really confused because my other friend Nina said she would be coming to the meet, and I didn’t see her until we got out of the pool after warm up to do a practice dive, but when I did I was relieved. After warm up we went to go sit down by our stuff. Soon enough the list of which events we were swimming in and who our relay partners were came. Everybody was crowding around the tiny sheet of paper. I squirmed my way to the front, and used a sharpie on my arm to write down which events I was in. My Coach signed me up for a 200 Medley Relay, which goes like this: 50 backstroke, 50 breaststroke, 50 butterfly, 50 freestyle.  Me and my relay partner Mason split it up like this, he did breaststroke and freestyle, and I did backstroke and butterfly.  Backstroke is one of my best strokes, and butterfly is my worst, so I thought it would be good to do those two. My coach also signed me up for a 200 free, a 100 free, and a 300 t-shirt relay with 6 people per team, everybody swims a 25. For the Medley Relay, me and Mason came in 3rd to last, for the 200 free we came in third, for the t-shirt my team came in 2nd, and I got 1st in the 100 free! I was psyched! Our coaches are still comparing our times, and then we will know who actually got 1st overall because of having good times. Ruby also won her Medley Relay! I felt bad because Nina didn’t win, but she is a great swimmer and I know she will next time. Afterwards, Ruby was exhausted so she went home, and me and Nina’s family both went out to dinner at Oggis (A local pizza place)! We were going to go to Sushi Lounge, but my brother Tucker (while I was at my swim meet) scored two home runs in his baseball team AND his team got a grand slam, so we let him chose where he wanted to go. We had dinner, and then I went home, sooooooo tired. The meet was so much fun, and i’m excited to do another! See you next time!

Video (5)

It’s Sew Much Fun!

imageFor those of you who may not know,  I absolutely adore sewing. I, personally, consider myself a rather great seamstress.  I have been sewing for about 1 1/2 years, and have owned my own sewing machine for about a year now. It’s a Janome New Home, and it’s great for anyone in the beginner-intermediate level, although if you are an advanced sewer, it is still great for light sewing projects. Sewing is a great hobby to have and it is extremely rewarding. Just this past month I began to sew clothing, and wearing it to school and hearing people say things like, “Ooh, I like your shorts, where did you get them?” That made me feel really good because nobody else would have my same pair of shorts. The first thing I ever made was pajama pants. I have made two pairs of saggy pajama pants, one is a Calvin Klein blue monkey pattern, and the other is cow print. Then I leaped ahead to something pretty hard at a sewing camp, we made owl backpacks. They were challenging and super fun. After that, I decided I loved sewing so much, I wanted to start taking classes. Luckily around my area we found a sewing class, and I have been taking it for about a year now. If you would like to take sewing but can’t find a specific class in your area, find out if anybody you know likes to sew. Most seamstesses love to share their passion with other budding sewers. So anyone’s, at the sewing class I’ve been taking I’ve learned SO much. I’ve created a headband, a coin purse, a pillow, a quilt, shorts and I’m working on a hoodie. But remember this, you don’t need a teacher to learn to sew. There are many great sewing blogs with easy tutorials, and all machines come with a guide. My guide told me the name of every part, how to thread my machine, how to thread the bobbin, how to reverse stitch, how to fix tension problems, how to change the stitch and more! Overalls, everybody should learn to sew at one point in their life.

Invisible Me


nowBefore summer!


During summer and now…

Sorry for my lllooonnnggg absence bloggers. Life has finally caught up with me, excuse me, have finally caught up with life, and this time I am going to try to keep blogging no matter what happens. So here is where I have been all this time! Summer, don’t even tell me about it. I had such a fun summer, but it was jam packed, It was almost impossible for me to fit any blogging in. I have also had a terrible case of blogger’s block holding me back. I basically half wrote a post and then decided I didn’t like it anymore.                         

So school eventually started back up, but that also means sports are starting back up. I am a competitive swimmer, play an instrument, play piano, and have a sewing class which pretty much dominates my week. I have to find time to write after practices. Then after that I got my braces on, which doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but a whole summer, then the first 2 weeks of school and not blogging really puts you out of place and it’s super hard to start blogging again.

But who am I with all these pesky little excuses. That’s all they are, excuses, excuses, excuses. I’ve had enough with excuses, no more excuses from me. I AM  and WILL make an effort to start posting again. I apologize to those who check from time and time again to see if I have not posted anything but realize I haven’t. I hope it’s not too late and that you haven’t stopped checking, because I am back, more ready than ever to keep blogging! Ideas are always welcome! Expect to see Halloween how-to’s, more weekly posts, and some fun DIY’s! 

(Oh, and by the way, this is my 100th post! Yay!)



This is what she looks like, she also has a little doll that looks like her.

This is what she looks like, she also has a little doll that looks like her.

Its October and you know what that means! Halloween is coming around the corner, and I have got to put my costume together! Actually that’s a lie, I already have all of the pieces for my costume. This year I am going as CORALINE! Coraline is the main character from an amazing movie called Coraline. I totally recommend for anyone to watch it unless you get scared really easily because its a little creepy to some people, but it wasn’t for me. I have watched it three times, it’s that good. Its about a girl named Coraline who hates her life, so in the middle of the night she sneaks off to this place called the “Other world” where everything is better. She has an “other mom” who cooks good dinners, and she has an “other dad” who has a beautiful garden. The only thing with the other world is that everybody has button eyes, and in order for Coraline to stay in the “other world” forever, she must sew buttons into her eyes. I may have given away a little too much, but there’s still so much to this amazing movie that you just have to watch it! For my costume, I got a yellow rain coat, yellow rain boots, a blue wig, and a striped orange t-shirt that she wears underneath her raincoat. I also have her creepy doll that she calls “little me” because it looks just like her. 

With Halloween also comes Boo-By-The-Sea, the Halloween Carnival my school hosts every year. It is so much fun! They have something called trunk-or-treating in the parking lot where people park their cars in the parking lot, and decorate their trunks in a Halloween theme, then they pass out candy! Its a lot of fun! They also have lots and lots of games such as bean bag toss games, a haunted house, and a costume contest! I won the costume contest last year with my doughnut costume, all my hardi work that went into making that payed off! I am really excited for the October festivities. Please comment about Halloween carnivals in your area, or about what you are going as for Halloween. 

6 More Days! (Post #1)


My beach!

My beach!

Wow, Summer is almost here. I have only got 6 more days until we are finally let free, except for three of the days we have field trips, so it is almost like we have no school at all! I like school, but unfortunately this year has been a little unpleasant. A few people, whom’s names I will not mention, do everything they can to make learning in our classroom impossible. It’s so hard trying to think through people talking, better yet learn through people talking. And they are so disrespectful. They treat the teachers like they have no authority at all. Which makes the teachers aggravated so they yell a lot and then everyone else is mad because they are getting yelled at. It’s just this continuous cycle that these people just keep starting over and over and over again, and it has made learning this year difficult, not that I struggle, just its hard to pay attention.

Moving away from that, I want to write about what I am doing this summer! Here is a little overview of my summer (not in order!).

my summer

Yosemite Trip –

For 1 week, my family is heading out to Yosemite with two other families. We are going to do everything from fishing to hiking. This is definitely going to be fun!

Eli Howard Surf Camp –

For the past 3 years, every year I return to Eli Howard 1 week out of the summer to surf all throughout the morning. Every year my surfing gets better and better, and every year I am excited to return!

Intrepid Shakespeare Acting Camp –

1 week this summer I will be joining my friend Ruby for an outstanding acting camp. I have never been, but Ruby has given it great reviews, I hope its going to be a great camp!

Creativity Camp with Carla –

This summer i will spend 1 week, half days, at my friend Evie’s house with a few other girls. We will learn about art and other things playing and tinkering to create creative pieces of work. Another fun one!

Rawhide Ranch –

My first overnight camp will be spent at Rawhide ranch for 1 week. We will ride and learn to take care of farm animals. At the end we will have a rodeo. I am super excited for Rawhide!

2 Weeks @ Grandmas –

Well, this is a little self-explanatory. For 2 weeks I’m heading up to North Dakota to see my Grandma and Grandpa. Its always a blast to see them!

art Farm –

Whats better than combining 2 great things, art and animals? For 1 week I will learn art at a farm and use the animals as my muse.I went to Art Farm last year and it was a blast!

So ya, that’s pretty much my summer. And every day I can I will be biking, geocaching, surfing and blogging. Also, please remember due to summer posting will be hard, but I will try my best. Have a good summer ya’ll!